Dwelo Culture: Our Local Restaurant Review Guide

Dwelo's mission to find and review the best local restaurants.

Like most companies during this challenging COVID-19 time, Dwelo is operating from a work-from-home environment. Since mid March our offices in San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and Dallas have been closed. We realized early on that maintaining our company culture, communication, and connectivity was extremely important in helping the Dwelo team continue to be successful and healthy.

To help perpetuate the Dwelo culture virtually and to help support the community and local restaurants in a new and fun way we created the restaurant review challenge!

The Rules

  1. Order a meal from your favorite local restaurant
  2. Post a review in our internal communication channels
    1. MUST include pictures
    2. Pretend you are writing a Yelp review and actively trying to recruit people to go to this business
    3. Style points count!
  3. The company will vote for the best review
  4. Winners will be revealed and give the top 3 the opportunity to present. The top 3 reviews will be posted on social media.

The Results

28 employees submitted reviews for their favorite local restaurants across the country. As a company, we voted on our favorite 3. Check them out below!

The Dwelo Top 3 Restaurants Reviews

Emigration Brewing - Salt Lake City, UT

Dwelo-Restaurant-Review-Book 14-1


Worth Takeaway - Mesa, AZ

Dwelo-Restaurant-Review-Book 3


The Garage Grill - Draper, UT

Dwelo-Restaurant-Review-Book 16


We had such a fun time with this challenge that we wanted to share our experiences! All 28 reviews were compiled into the first ever Dwelo Restaurant Guide Book. Check it out here!