Frequently Asked Dwelo Smart Apartment Questions

Last week, we wrote an article about the top smart apartment questions we get asked by the multifamily industry. This week we wanted to build on that knowledge and provide the top questions that people ask specifically about Dwelo Smart Apartments. Dwelo approaches the implementation of smart apartments differently than any other technology provider. This information will help you differentiate between vendors and technology. Check out the questions and answers below!

What does Dwelo do?

Dwelo is focused on the multifamily industry. We provide our customers - owners, managers, and residents - with web and mobile applications that allow them to control smart devices across their communities saving them time and money. We support our customers with end-to-end services that ensure an amazing experience for every member of the community. With Dwelo’s technology and service, residents live in the future, managers streamline their operations, and owners improve their NOI.

What is Dwelo’s Story?

The idea for Dwelo came from seeing opportunities and inefficiencies in apartments up close. Eric Wood, Dwelo’s co-founder and president, was managing apartments with his wife in the Bay Area and saw what smart technology could do for rental housing. At the time, David Beenfield, Dwelo’s co-founder and chief customer officer, was at Salesforce, and he and Eric had been looking for opportunities to start a business since they had met each other in college. As they began calling apartment owners and pitching a smart device platform for rentals, it became clear: this was it. So they quit their jobs and moved back to Salt Lake City to start the journey that’s built Dwelo into the leader in smart apartments with operations from coast to coast.

What markets does Dwelo currently service?

Dwelo is actively expanding in markets throughout the United States, with live implementations in southern California, areas of the south and mountain west, the lower midwest and much of the southeast. Contact your Dwelo rep if you’d like to inquire about our activity and potential service in a specific market.

What kind of rent premiums are being seen in communities with Dwelo?

Depending on a number of factors, Dwelo’s customers have realized a range of rent premiums between $20-$75. On average, $35 per unit per month.

What hardware does Dwelo integrate with?

Dwelo integrates with a variety of hardware options, primarily those that are Z-Wave enabled. Check out our hardware partners here.

What is the learning curve with a Dwelo Smart Apartment?

It’s short! Dwelo’s robust teams of project managers, technicians, and customer support ensure that staff members are always quickly trained, all users have reference-able material when they join the community, and always have a dedicated resource to call or email when they have questions. Aside from that, we go to great lengths to make sure our software is intuitive and user-friendly for all community staff and residents.

How do Dwelo Smart Apartments help maintenance and property managers?

  • With the use of digital credentials enabled by smart locks and a platform like Dwelo, lockouts happen less frequently and when they do happen, they can be resolved remotely.

  • Managers can grant and manage access for vendors remotely and in real-time.

  • Maintenance can get in and out of units with a single, secure credential. Thus reducing the need for checking keys in and out.

  • Manage vacant unit thermostat settings.

  • The ability to offer a “Smart Home” to residents without a do it yourself set up.

How does Dwelo implement and support your smart apartment systems?

We feel that the best way to ensure a high-touch, white glove approach to support is by managing those touch points in-house. Accordingly, Dwelo employs a well-trained team of customer support representatives and field technicians who can take calls and customer inquiries while also serving as an onsite presence if cases cannot be resolved remotely. Customers can rest assured that the only people who service or work on Dwelo units are trained Dwelo employees rather than 3rd party contracted technicians who may not be deeply familiar with the system.

How do we know that what we install with Dwelo today won’t be obsolete tomorrow?

There will always be an obsolescence time-frame with tech-enabled devices. However, with the types of devices installed for smart apartments, that time-frame will be long. This is due to the nature of the hardware. Unlike most consumer electronics, door locks, lights and thermostats have a single, consistent function that won’t change over time. Look at the hospitality industry as an example. Hospitality has been using electronics locks for well over a decade and many hotels, even high-end hotels, are using the same electronics locks they were using 15 year ago - they aren’t obsolete. That’s because the functionality of a lock hasn’t changed nor will it change. Are there new versions of electronic locks? Yes. But their differences are minor and won’t impact the user experience or guest perceptions. The same applies to apartments. Stick with core devices whose functionality doesn’t change and they won’t quickly become obsolete.  

Because many of the devices Dwelo uses are connected to the cloud via WiFi or our hubs, we can send updates over time that ensures the software operating many devices continues to evolve as the industry evolves.

You can read a full breakdown of how to future proof your smart apartment here.


Did we miss any? Please reach out with any other questions you might have. Our team is standing by here!