NAA Apartmentalize with Dwelo

NAA conferences have a history of successfully connecting excited groups of multifamily professionals and this year’s NAA Apartmentalize conference was no exception. The conference agenda was packed with great sessions from stars such as Mike Rowe and Alex Rodriguez to the hyped Maintenance Mania. Even more electrifying was the buzz and increased focus around smart technology for apartment communities.

We constructed a mini apartment community complete with a device table to showcase how Dwelo uses smart home technology to benefit multifamily owners, managers, and residents. Owners and managers got to see hands-on how Dwelo works and a few of the  3rd party devices we work with like Nest, Amazon, Yale, Kwikset, GE, PDK, and others.

What’s more, we gave away Amazon Echos and Google Homes to celebrate our integrations with Amazon and Google voice assistants!


All about that NOI

This year we wanted to make a statement on Dwelo's key focus toward Customer Success. To make that statement we gave away hats with #NOI embroidered on them. The Dwelo platform increases a community’s Net Operating Income (NOI) by reducing lock-outs and energy waste and optimizing management hours. Read how our customers are utilizing Dwelo to see an increased NOI here.


The Dwelo Learning Zone Session

How Smart Community Technology Elevates Renting Above Homeownership

Dwelo CEO Mike Rovito and Alliance Residential Innovation Team Lead Taylor Wiederkehr teamed up to present on the benefits of smart home technology in apartment communities.

Here is a quick overview of the results Alliance Residential is seeing by implementing smart home technology:

  • Average Smart Unit Occupancy Rate: 92%
  • Average Rental Premium Increase: $30-$75 per unit/per month
  • Total Revenue Generated to Date: $2.6 Million Dollars in additional revenue since implementation in late 2015
  • Total Associate Hours Saved: 3,150 hours saved since implementation in late 2015
  • Total Utility Savings: $325,000 saved on vacant unit utility bills since implementation in late 2015

Our Favorite Learning Session

Implementing smart home technology into multifamily communities can be difficult without having a concrete plan and strategy. That is why this particular learning zone session was a favorite of the Dwelo team.

Smart Homes for Smart People

(Session Description)

Smart home technology may soon be at the center of the amenity arms race. As centralized management and control becomes more commonplace, apartment owners and operators are beginning to take the next step and implementing smart home devices throughout their communities. How have they made it possible and what do you need to put into place to begin? Hear the answers to these questions and much more, including how to select the right smart home technology, how to garner a tangible ROI and how to control the new universe of security concerns.


  • Tommy Deserti, Head of Real Estate Partnerships at Nest Labs
  • Jeffrey Kok, CIO at Mill Creek Residential Trust
  • Taylor Wiederkehr, Software Implementation Analyst, Alliance Residential Company

Dwelo had an amazing time at this year’s NAA Apartmentalize. Did you attend? If we didn't get a chance to meet click here. We would love to get to know you.