“Alexa, make my apartment smarter.”

At Dwelo, our mission is to make living and working in rental housing more magical, efficient, and connected. We are excited to announce another step towards that mission. Dwelo is now integrated with Amazon Alexa!

Dwelo + Alexa: A magical pair

Dwelo residents can now pair their Alexa devices, such as the Amazon Echo and Amazon Show, with the Dwelo platform. After a quick set up, residents can control lights, locks and temperature simply with their voice. Talk about a magical experience.

Abracadabra, here is some magic residents can do with Alexa and Dwelo:

  • "Lock the front door."

  • "Turn on the kitchen light."

  • "Set the thermostat to 72 degrees."

  • "What's the temperature in here?"

  • "What's my thermostat set to?"

  • "Is the front door locked?"

A full list of commands that Alexa understands can be found on Amazon.com

A leasing opportunity

Dwelo + Alexa not only benefits residents but gives communities a competitive edge in attracting those residents.

“Adding an Alexa integration is a huge sales tool for us. It shows that as a property we are forward thinking.” Michael Caplovitz. Vp of Innovation at The Howard Hughes Corporation

Dwelo customers are also leveraging this integration for leasing incentives. Giving away an Amazon Echo can be a low cost alternative to campaigns like “first month free” or discounted rent, when engaging new prospects. Can you say “Alexa, sign more leases for me”?

Interested in Google Home or Apple Homepod voice assistants for your properties? We are working on those integrations as we speak!