Dwelo's Chief Architect, Karen Sun, Speaks at Twilio's Signal Conference

On Thursday October 18, 2018, Dwelo’s Chief Architect, Karen Sun, spoke at Twilio’s yearly user conference SIGNAL. Dwelo uses Twilio products to solve problems with IoT in the multifamily industry. Twilio is one of the few companies that is specifically trying to cater to solving technical IoT problems.

During her talk, Karen gave an overview of the most common problems that any IoT product encounters: connectivity and state synchronization. She also explained the key ways Twilio solves those problems by discussing:

  • The adoption of some of Twilio's vast product offerings, specifically Twilio Programmable Wireless and Twilio Sync

  • The feature richness that makes Programmable Wireless an end-to-end connectivity solution, such as usage analytics and alerting.

  • The technical requirements for state synchronization in the IoT space and why Twilio Sync is uniquely suited for the job, specifically wrt protocols, flexibility, and scale.

You can view Karen’s talk below.

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As Dwelo's Chief Architect, Karen designs it’s IoT platform to connect and orchestrate tens of millions of devices, clients, sensor readings, and user commands. Previous to Dwelo, she was an engineering manager at Quizlet, where she built the data science team and designed backend services. Karen has over a decade of experience working with high scale distributed systems and doing interesting things with data, like building book retail recommendation engines and computer vision systems for art recognition.